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March 29th - April 1st, 2016 | Havana, Cuba





Receiving the abstracts: December 15th 2015

Acceptance: January 31th 2016

Receiving paper: February 15th 2016


The Centre for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN), the Section of Optics and Spectroscopy of the Cuban Physics Society (SCF) and the Cuban Territorial Committee of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) are pleased to invite you to participate in the VIII International Workshop TECHNOLASER 2016, under the general slogan: ¨Optics and Laser Technology in Science, Industry and Culture¨, which will be held from March 29th to April 1st, 2016.



  • To promote the scientific discussion, the scientist-technical research, and the international interchange on Optics and Laser applications.
  • To develop the cooperation between participants and research organizations, equipment producers and commercializing laser techniques and optics technologies groups
  • To contribute to new laser techniques, optical applications in industry, medicine, culture, study of environment, and the interdisciplinary integration in topics of scientific, technological and humanistic interest.



General topics proposed for the conference include:

  • Laser technology and Image processing in medicine and Biology
  • Optical equipment. Electronics, mechanics and automation associated to Optics and laser techniques
  • Spectroscopy and optical measuring techniques
  • Laser material processing
  • Development and construction of laser systems
  • Application of lasers in industry
  • Opto-electronics, photonics and optical fiber
  • Optical tweezers and applications in nano-scale control
  • Optics and light in Life Sciences
  • Biophotonics
  • Optics, spectroscopy and laser techniques in environmental analysis
  • Atmospheric Optics and LIDAR techniques
  • Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
  • Detection of laser-excited phenomena
  • Optics, image techniques, laser and spectroscopy in conservation and restoration of heritage
  • Holography, including non-conventional holographic techniques. Computer-generated holography.
  • Holography in artistic applications and in architecture.



  • Lectures
  • Invited talks
  • Oral presentations.
  • Posters
  • Panel discussions

Activities will take place in Old Havana, a region of great historical and heritage sites declared by UNESCO "World Heritage" in 1982.



Cultural activities and visits to different historical sites or places of touristic interest will be programmed.



This is done by filling the form provided on the website



Regular registration. $ 250.00 € (1)

Students registration $ 150.00 € (1)

Companions $ 100.00 € (1)

(1) or equivalent amount in Convertible Cuban Pesos-CUC.


Registration fees include: all technical sessions, a copy of the Program as well as the book of Summaries, Certificate of author or participant, welcoming cocktail, and welfare party.



Spanish and English.



Deadline for receiving the abstracts is December 15th 2015, in English, and acceptance will be communicated on

January 31th, 2016. Word processor should be Microsoft Word, with no more 250 words. For inscription of paper the

following data will be necessary: Title of the work/Authors/ Organization / Mailing address / email/Key words

For more information, inscriptions and submission details please, visit the conference website at:



Chair: Dr. Angelina Diaz Garcia (Directora CEADEN)

Co-chair: MSc. Omar Morales Valdes (Vicedirector CEADEN)

Executive Sec: MSc. Justo Ravelo Triana



Prof. Juan G. Darias Gonzalez

Dr. Luis V. Ponce

Lic. Guillermo Mesa Perez

Ing. Carmen Fonfria Bragado

MSc. Pedro Larrea Cox

Dr. Suren Stolik Isakina

Lic. Ivette Ravelo Cabrera

MSc.Alejandra R. Hernandez Leonard

Teresita Bello Valdes



MSc. Justo Ravelo Triana.

Prof. Juan Gualberto Darias

CEADEN. Calle 30 No. 502 e/5ta y 7ma, Miramar,Playa, La Habana, Cuba.  (053) 7209-3920, 7203-1220, 7203-1224. Fax: (53) 7203-1220, Email: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.



President: Dr. Ivan Padron Diaz, Cuba

Dr. Maria Luisa Calvo Padilla, Spain

Dr. Luis Vidal Ponce Cabrera, Cuba

Dr. Victor Fajer Avila, Cuba

Dr. Marco A. Camacho Lopez, Mexico

Dr. H. Rabal, Argentina

Dr. Jose Llovera Gonzalez, Cuba

Dr. Raman Kashyap, Canada

Dr. Pavel Cheben, Canada

Dr. Taieb Gasmi, USA

Dr. Marios Tsatsos, Greece

Dr. Gerd Morowsky, Germany

Dr. Ivan Glesk, UK

Dr. David L. Andrews, UK

Dr. Gert von Bally, Germany

Dr. Alexander Stein, USA