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May 22-25, 2016 | Rzeszow, Poland

Abstract deadline: 25.04.2016 


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29.04.2016 - Acceptance notification
04.05.2016 - Rise of the conference fee
06.05.2016 - Conference Program ready
16.05.2016 - Conference fee payment deadline
22.05.2016 - Conference opening
23.05.2016 - 25.05.2016 - Conference sessions


International Conference on Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronics and Biosensors

Three years after being at NANO2013 - Symposium on Nanostructered Materials, it is time to return to welcoming Rzeszow and to discuss, once again, the latest achievements of research on semiconductor nanostructures. This time we believe we understand better the nature of II-VI and III-V compounds. Unique experiments, new theoretical models as well as simulations have been elaborated by researchers in many countries to study unique optical, electrical and magnetic properties of these materials. This way has led to the creation of a new class of quantum matter – topological insulators. The Center for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology of the University of Rzeszow participates in this effort, hosting once again an international conference focused on how semiconductor nanostructures can be applied in optoelectronics and biosensors.


This Conference on Semiconductor’s Nanostructures for Optoelectronics and Biosensors is aimed to:

- give an overview of the current status of layer-structured materials (including topological insulators) as well as one-dimensional nanomaterials, with a particular emphasis on state-of-the-art metrology for defects and impurities detecting using modern methods TEM, SIMS, Nano-Raman etc;

- give an overview of the MBE technology, nanopatterning and nanolithography, photolithography and electron lithography for the production of integrated circuits and element of quantum wells will belong to the clean room equipment, as well as instruments allowing for measurements of magneto-transport at low temperatures and optical properties of nanostructures;

- promote and encourage the interaction between academic and industrial research (instrument manufacture, IC and optoelectronics industry and materials suppliers) to address scientific and technological challenges associated with the improvement of standard analytical methods and qualification of newer techniques.


It is imperative to employ in-situ new technologies and new metrology as manufacturing processes become more complicated; this is particularly true in the microelectronics and micro-systems industry, such as compound semiconductor nano-electronics, phononics, MEMS and sensors.

Organizers express one’s opinion that this Conference, all important issue related to the modern nanostructured materials researches will be represent in that kind of the Proceeding book.